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Hudson Valley Crusaders Win 2023 Northeast Conference Championship

Hannah Esslie

Jul 24, 2023

Crusaders finish the season with a 9-0 victory over KMSA

On Sunday, June 23rd the Crusaders beat KMSA 9-0 in the final league game of the season, securing the 2023 Northeast Conference Championship. This 2023 season saw the Crusaders going 5-1 with a goal differential of 22, the highest in the country. This is not the only record set this year, as the team is tied for first with 24 goals scored and led the country with only two goals conceded.
Many of our players also lead the nation in individual stats. Sydnee Smith leads the country with five assists and Maggie Cameron is tied for second with four.
Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the 2024 season! Interested players and sponsors can contact Hannah Esslie at Go Crusaders!

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