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Hudson Valley Crusaders Hire Head Coach Mitchell Kazanjian

Hannah Esslie

Jan 26, 2023

Former Infantryman brings his knowledge and passion for soccer from Colorado to the Hudson Valley

Mitchell Kazanjian’s passion for coaching began in Italy. Impressed by how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the local club coaches were, he realized that coaching soccer was what he wanted to pursue after the Army. While serving eight years as an Airborne Infantryman, Mitchell began his coaching career at the youth level, where he had the privilege of working with some young men who went on to be signed by the Colorado Rapids Youth Academy. He took the role of Varsity Head Coach for Colorado Military Academy, which eventually led him to being promoted to Director of Soccer. He oversaw and launched the school’s K-12 soccer program.
Mitchell decided he wanted to expand his knowledge during his time as the Director of Soccer and took a talent evaluation and development course with Sports Management Worldwide. He provided services for the largest soccer scouting network in North America before venturing out to create his own network for the MLS. Upon the birth of his daughter, he decided to shift his focus towards women’s soccer with the vision of bringing the same development and recognition to the sport.
Currently, Mitchell sits on the Board of Directors for International Club Zion Astro, where he is the Director of Coaches and is developing the largest scouting network for women’s soccer in the nation.

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